Welcome to Red Barn Goldens!

We here at Red Barn Goldens are not some fly by night puppy mill. We dearly love our K9 friends and raise them on free, fresh country air here on our little piece of paradise. We never “cage” any of our K9 family unless it’s for their protection. There are coyotes, skunks, and farm tractors and grain trucks we have to protect them from. They have free run of our 5 acres and they make full use of it!

Something worth noting is that not all Golden Retrievers are made equal. There are inherent genetic defects that most if not all pure bred dogs can obtain. Golden Retrievers are not immune to such problems. We know these issues and have taken steps to insure that we produce the healthiest possible puppies. Sure, it costs us to test potential mates. It costs us to be discriminant when choosing the best crosses in our breeding program. But we feel that we owe it to these beautiful creatures to do all we can to insure that they will live a long and healthy happy life while bringing years of happiness to those who choose one of our puppies.

Health is one thing but attitude and smarts is in another category all in itself. After all just having a healthy dog is nice, it’s much more satisfying when your K9 buddy is truly loving towards you and wants to be you friend too. Some dogs just don’t exhibit loyalty no matter how good you treat them. We chose our stock ad crosses to find those with the “I want to please you” attitude. Our K9’s want to be with YOU more than anything else in the whole world! Our current sire, Rhet, was opening doors and letting himself out at just a few months of age! We keep our K9 friends close in the house on the back porch. So we locked the door. In less than a day he learned how to unlock it and let himself out! We had to modify the lock so he couldn’t do that anymore. The reason he wanted out? He just wanted to be with whoever in the family that was outside at the time. We have noticed that Rhet has a “regal” gait when he walks across the yard . He looks like he kind of bounces along as if he is in a very happy place. He moves like the Fred Astaire of the K9 world. Smooth and light footed. Very sure and head held high.

 Our Dam, Bella, is a real sweetie. She will smile at you as if to say ” Hi buddy, I just wanted to come say I love you!” It is so very endearing, once you figure out she is showing all her teeth in a non menacing way. It was very strange the first time I saw her do it. Now I just talk to her and she gets her tail whipping frantically And then, while she assumes her humble stance of head lowered down and side ways “cowing down” posture, she gives me the biggest smile I ever seen on any dog. It always makes me smile, even if the lawn mower won’t start…again!

 We have had only a few litters of puppies with her. The last time Bella “freshened up” we kept her secluded because we wanted to give her a break to keep her at top health. Healthy moms have healthy off spring. Our “breeders” are not just some money making, cost driven, unloved animal. These are our dogs and part of our family. Go ahead and check us out. we can provide several photos and testimonies of VERY happy buyers. Nearly all, if not every single one of our puppies, are living with their buyers. Not in the yard.. but in the house with them. They are that good of dogs. SO like I said, go ahead and check us out because I guarantee you, we will be checking you out. We want to make sure perspective buyers are capable of providing a safe, secure and happy home for our babies. It’s just the right thing to do.  And we put a lot of stock in “the right thing to do” around here.

But if you’re interested you better call and reserve. Bella generally has 6 puppies a litter. She is due in January. And we have 5 VERY interested buyers. Several are friends of the last folks we sold to and they now want a good dog too.

Call Jen @ 812-381-2664                                                                                                            You can find out more here:   Red Barn Goldens